Tender Services

Tender Services

Do you need help to respond to the quality, innovation and sustainability sections of tender competitions? 

Astrum Consulting can help design workable and impressive solutions for your tender response in these areas. We are skilled writers in large tender competitions. We can give you the competitive edge as a serious contender and a quality operator. And we can also help you implement these solutions during contract mobilisation. 

Can you write a winning tender?

Has this impacted your revenue?

Would you like to win more tenders?

Your challenge

  • You don’t have the expertise in house to write the quality management and innovation tender response
  • You need someone who can design the quality systems, controls and reporting structures required
  • You don’t understand how to meet the tender requirements for these sections
  • You haven’t scored well in these sections of tenders before and want to improve
  • You cant afford to employ someone fulltime with these skills
  • You need to be able to meet the contract and SLA requirements by putting new Quality Assurance & Quality Control systems  in place

Our solution

  • We develop customised bespoke tender responses that address the quality sections that you can use again and again
  • We write them to fit the tender requirements and customer needs
  • If you don’t have the necessary Quality control or Quality Management structures in place we can design appropriate solutions and write those into the tender.
  • We can help you implement these structures during contract mobilisation

Why work with us?

We have a track record of extraordinary success, winning 100% of the tenders we have contributed to. 

We have excellent writing skills and have the competence to blend our input with the overall tender response. We also have the technical competence to design workable quality management and control solutions. We know how to showcase the best elements of your business and your capabilities to help you build a winning tender.