Innovation Management Consultancy

Innovation Management Consultancy

Is innovation something you care passionately about but aren’t quite sure how to get everyone in the company to embrace it? Are you struggling to generate new ideas from your team?

From cradle to grave we can provide innovative solutions customised to your business that will help you stay ahead of your competitors and future proof your activities for future changes which might occur.

We can formalise your innovation management approach, to deliver real business value, product enhancement or new product development.

Solving Your problem

We passionately believe that innovation is simple. 

Innovation management can come to a halt as the day to day realities of your business take over. However, this can lead to missed opportunities. Change is inevitable and you need to be ready for it.

The most successful businesses build innovation management into their core activities. They continuously reinvent themselves to stay relevant in these rapidly changing times.

No one knows your business activities better than you or your team. We will get you pointing in the right direction and ensure that you are able to innovate & take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Your Innovation Consultancy may include: 

  • Innovation ideation session development and management
  • Mentoring your innovation managers in team building, team management & creativity techniques
  • Innovation management KPI and dashboard tracking/reporting
  • Innovation strategy development
  • Preparation of innovation challenge statements
  • Intellectual Property (IP) management
  • Innovation projects portfolio management and prioritisation
  • External Innovation grant aid and financial supports
  • Innovation business networking
  • Innovation culture development and maintenance

How it Works for Your Business

From ideation sessions to innovation strategy development, we will future-proof your businesses to meet the challenges ahead. And we do it all in a format that suits you. 

More importantly, we will work with your team so that they can engage in continuous innovation management as part of their routine.

Innovation itself is straightforward. It is the management of the process which is often difficult to implement and maintain. We can help you with this.

Why Us?

We are experienced project managers. We will work with you and your team to avoid the pitfalls you may encounter on your innovation journey. Our specialist team of innovation and new product development practitioners will work with your team to prepare the business for changes which are coming. We will help make innovation management part of your business routine.

Contact us today for an initial consultation and we’ll take it from there.