EFQM Recognition

Are you looking for the next challenge? Are you interested in benchmarking with the best, to develop and improve your business?

The EFQM model is a global framework which allows organisations of any sector or size to benchmark their journey towards operational excellence and identify the gaps and solutions that will lead to improved performance.

In June 2020 Astrum Consulting formed an exciting new partnership with Quality Blue to bring the EFQM products and services to the Irish market and partner with you in delivering transformational change in your business.

We offer a practical approach to engaging with EFQM, through our bespoke Lean EFQM KickStart and Lean EFQM Transform programmes

We are certified EFQM trainers and can deliver the full EFQM suite programmes both in-house and on-line.

We are certified assessors and Quality Blue can award global recognition to your organisation under the 7 star EFQM Levels of Excellence programme.

How We Work with Quality Blue

Working with the Quality Blue team of experts allows us to provide the full range of EFQM products,  services and training programmes.
All these services can be delivered virtually or on site.


  • We can work with you to identify where you excel, the risks that you face and what you need to focus on to transform your business
  • We have access to a range of data driven tools developed by EFQM to provide real insights on your current performance and what needs to change
  • We can help you understand how to prioritise your transformation agenda, and through structured change management and measurement deliver the changes needed to transform your business
  • We will engage your team to understand the dynamics of change, create results-focused plans and deliver these plans within agreed timeframes
  • We can help you to capture your transformation journey using the EFQM online data platform, allowing you to measure your progress, share your success and prepare for EFQM Global Recognition


  • Quality Blue can complete a formal assessment of your organisation against the EFQM model
  • You will receive a report following the assessment with strategic insights into your current performance, how you compare globally and recommendations for the next steps in your journey towards excellence
  • You will receive formal global recognition from EFQM, based on the score you achieve. This will give you global credibility and recognition with the top companies in the world


As certified EFQM trainers our Quality Blue partnership allows us to provide the full suite of EFQM training programmes, to help you understand the EFQM framework, and develop the skillsets of your team in change leadership and performance assessment.

We offer the following training programmes on an-house basis. These can be delivered virtually or in a classroom setting:

EFQM Certified Foundation Course

This is the essential course for anyone who wants to find out about the EFQM Model and RADAR and how these tools can benefit an organisation. It is also a great course for change professionals, in general. Whilst this training is effective as a stand-alone course, it is also the starting point for all EFQM qualification routes.

EFQM Certified Assessor Training

This course aims to equip participants to conduct a strategic assessment of an organisation as part of a high-performing EFQM assessment team. A case study based on a real company forms the basis for a simulated assessment. Participants are led through the various stages of the assessment whilst developing and practising their skills

Organisational Change Leader Training

The essential course for anyone who wants to lead change with confidence by using the EFQM Model to support the desired change. This is a blended learning programme which includes a series of 4 half-day modules delivered online over 4 weeks. Each cohort is limited to 12 participants to ensure high levels of interaction.